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A Google UserAug 28, 2012

Works as described This app is intended for used car dealers so those of you who are saying there are no wholesale values haven't...

A Google UserJun 2, 2012

a necessary evil I'm not real sure how they come up with the prices but everyone seems to use it at the auction. often the prices...

Official Description:myUsedCars is a Books & Reference app developed by Black Book, It was released on Feb 20, 2013 for Android 2.1 and up. myUsedCars APK 1.25 available to download now, there are over 50000 users has already installed myUsedCars APK on their android device.

What’s New in myUsedCars APK 1.25
What's New
Added two new functions:1) Car payment calculator - see what the monthly payment would be on the vehicle you are evaluating.2) Vehicle specifications - view the original vehicle specs on your vehicle when it was new.

Download free myUsedCars.apk for Android, and you can also learn the description of myUsedCars from Google Play. When widely available values from KBB (Kelly Blue Book) or NADA Guides aren’t enough to ensure you have market driven retail vehicle pricing, turn to the industry source: Black Book. Timely, independent and accurate Used Car and Truck values.

A few of the features of Black Book's myUsedCars app are as follows:

1) Ability to drill down to a vehicle of interest using year, make, model, series and body style.

2) Ability to scan a VIN off a vehicle to retrieve the vehicle values.

3) Ability to view four value conditions: extra clean, clean, average and rough.

4) Ability to adjust values based on mileage, options and region (state).

5) Ability to take videos and photos of vehicles, so you can e-mail friends.

6) Ability to save vehicles in a Quick List for fast retrieval.

7) Ability to view a stock vehicle photo.

8) Ability to pull vehicle history reports from CarFax and AutoCheck. (dealers only)

Note: Wholesale values only available to qualified industry users.

myUsedCars APK Download&Install Guide
"An Android application is stored in an APK file, You must install the APK on your
Android Phone in order to run it. There are three ways to download myUsedCars APK
1.25 on your android device with easy steps.

1. Via Google Play Click the “Install” button on the left nav side, it will turn to Google Play page and then download it to your mobile device, install the app directly.
2. Use QR Code Scanner
If you’ve already installed QR Code Scanner, Click on QR Code image on left nav side and use a QR code scanner to download myUsedCars APK directly in to your Android device.
3. From PC
Connect android device to PC via USB cable and turn ON USB storage. Copy myUsedCars.apk file to attached device's storage. touch the APK file in the file explorer to install it.

How to Sync myUsedCars APK with Google Account
Most android user want to sync android apps with their google account. Of course also includes myUsedCars APK. But how to easily Sync myUsedCars Android Apps with Google Account?
In fact, it is easy to sync myUsedCars APK with google account. You just need to download and install a android sync apps to help you. If you want to know more about the android sync google, this page - Most Android APPS to help you Sync with PC or other device.
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