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Finger Army 1942 APK Download 2

Sharpen Those Reflexes, Crack Your Knuckles and Ready Your Fingers!

Grown using clippings from our own creative fingers, the Tin Planet lab brings to you an Army of giant mutant fingers. Yes folks, one frenzied finger wave after another, this formidable foe continues to attack your very own shores and the challenge is yours to stop them!

Once you’re in the game, things move rather quickly. Little battle ready fingers pop up out of holes and players tap them to make them go away. If you miss a tap or don’t hit enough of them, the target meter will drop. If you manage to keep it above half, you can proceed to the next round. To complicate things, there are a variety of enemies. Most simply give you a higher score when you hit them.

You progress through levels with increasing difficulty, tapping on the finger soldiers to gain points. As the levels get tougher, more variety of military units is deployed, adding to the variety and fun of the game. The graphics, sound track and gameplay are all high quality, which just add to the overall game experience. The game can be quite addictive. So, happy thumping away!

The new features has added into the game. VS Battle Mode is the new way to settle any argument. Play with your friends on one device, play and defense at the same time. It's like a tug of war, if your side is on the right side of the line when the time runs out, you win the battle. The first person to reach 5 medals wins the war!

Finger Army 1942; This fun time waster game is perfect for all ages with simple operation, there are a lot of bonuses and rewards, develop coordination and reflexes. Try it!


  • License $0.99
  • Op. System Android 2.1 and up
  • Category Games
  • Author Tin Planet
  • Security level 0% safe
  • Size 16M
  • Downloads 2500+
  • Date 02.28.13

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