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Kellie RDec 2, 2013

Good but not great It would be better if the blocks were easier to control and without sending the water spout pointing sky high. Also...

matt tremblettNov 9, 2013

Lovely game great physics. But after level 6 its too difficult to keep me interested. A little clue here & there would be great as I'd like...

Brad BrantnerSep 27, 2013

Very fun Love this game. Graphics are kids love it as do i. Def 5 stars from us. Keep up the good work guys make more...

Martin HájekSep 22, 2013

Good but Good game, well made but as you progress, levels are really hard. All is time based so you bave to be fast,and I...

Official Description:Sprinkle is a Games app developed by Mediocre, It was released on Aug 7, 2012 for Android 2.3 and up. Sprinkle APK 1.7.2 available to download now, there are over 500000 users has already installed Sprinkle APK on their android device.

Download free Sprinkle.apk for Android, and you can also learn the description of Sprinkle from Google Play. Ready, Aim, Squirt!

*** Winner of Best Casual Game in the 2012 International Mobile Gaming Awards! ***

"Gaming App of the Day" - [Kotaku]

"Sprinkle is a solid puzzle game in a similar vein as Crush the Castle or Angry Birds, yet carries gameplay and an identity distinct from either." 4/4 Must have - [Slide To Play]

"Sprinkle makes fighting fire with physics (and water, of course) a heck of a lot of fun" 4.5 / 5 - [148Apps]

"The game quickly made its way to every member of my family" - [ArsTechnica]

Using a water cannon mounted on a crane, players must adjust the height and angle of the cannon to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and activate traps in this challenging water-physics based puzzler! But squirt carefully as you will run out of water and the less water you use, the more drops you earn!

Sprinkle is available for devices running Android 2.3 or greater!

Using some of the most realistic water physics seen on an Android device yet, Sprinkle is a brain-teasing game that will have players straining to figure out each puzzle and obstacle.

Sprinkle features:

Amazing water physics – Some of the most realistic water physics ever seen on an Android device make Sprinkle an exciting and addictive puzzler.

Brain-teasing puzzles – What starts as simply pointing and spraying to quench each fire becomes much more challenging through the 72 levels, as players must overcome the intricacies of each puzzle before time and water run out.

Blocks, boulders, and cogs oh my – Use the power of your water cannon to move blocks of ice and boulders, spin giant cogs, and depress traps inorder to reach and extinguish every last fire.

The inhabitants of Titan, a moon of Saturn, lived out their days peacefully in their straw hut homes – until space tourists from Earth crashed through Saturn’s rings, bringing a storm of flaming asteroids crashing down on the Titans. To combat the widespread fires threatening their homes, the Titans have built a massive water cannon. And they need you to man it!

Xperia PLAY Optimized!

What's New

What's in this version:

* Fixing crash at startup on some devices
* Fixing bug with how fire spread in Tegra 3 version

Sprinkle APK Download&Install Guide
"An Android application is stored in an APK file, You must install the APK on your
Android Phone in order to run it. There are three ways to download Sprinkle APK
1.7.2 on your android device with easy steps.

1. Via Google Play Click the “Install” button on the left nav side, it will turn to Google Play page and then download it to your mobile device, install the app directly.
2. Use QR Code Scanner
If you’ve already installed QR Code Scanner, Click on QR Code image on left nav side and use a QR code scanner to download Sprinkle APK directly in to your Android device.
3. From PC
Connect android device to PC via USB cable and turn ON USB storage. Copy Sprinkle.apk file to attached device's storage. touch the APK file in the file explorer to install it.

How to Sync Sprinkle APK with Google Account
Most android user want to sync android apps with their google account. Of course also includes Sprinkle APK. But how to easily Sync Sprinkle Android Apps with Google Account?
In fact, it is easy to sync Sprinkle APK with google account. You just need to download and install a android sync apps to help you. If you want to know more about the android sync google, this page - Most Android APPS to help you Sync with PC or other device.
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