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"Who Ever Knew Trading Card Games Could Be So Mysterious"

By alma | Jul 24, 2013

Rage of Bahamut for Android is a great trading card game with a mysterious background of Norse mythology and Orientales, which provides you a good chance to explore the old mysterious world. Although simple the game is, you'll have endless fun of playing.

This game is so popular in Japan, and now it comes to Android with English version. As a trading card game, it's not so puzzling and need so much intelligence, and its playing method is so easy. What makes the game interesting is the joy of collecting cards.

There are more than 500 stunning cards to collect and all the cards can be upgraded. You can earn cards with the fast and easy battles on the go with stunning and alluring characters. Pay attention to the daily updates which continues to expand your deck.

As an online game, you need to connect your mobile with network and go on your live single and multiplayer action from a seemingly endless database of battle hungry foes! The biggest light point of the game is its artwork with beautiful character images by top illustrator.
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A Google UserJan 9, 2014

Dam good game Wab64903 enter in game for 100000 and a rare card trust me it helps a lot. Now it lost a bit of zing to it hw is the...

A Google UserJan 7, 2014

xfx25229 after tutorial for an edge Great updates preventing cheating! Unlimited stamina until level 20 realm only S rare cards join an order early so...

Travis LouthainDec 12, 2013

Not sure what all the fuss is about Seems like a great game to me and from what I can see it doesn't require you to spend any actual money for the game...

A Google UserDec 4, 2013

Save your space This game is fun, addicting, good time waister but if you wanna compete have big pockets other wise your low ranking

Official Description:Rage of Bahamut is a Games app developed by Mobage, It was released on Jul 24, 2013 for Android 2.0 and up. Rage of Bahamut APK available to download now, there are over 10000000 users has already installed Rage of Bahamut APK on their android device.

What’s New in Rage of Bahamut APK
What's New

Download free Rage of Bahamut.apk for Android, and you can also learn the description of Rage of Bahamut from Google Play. Rage against the enemy!

#1 top grossing app on Android for 6 weeks straight
...with over 6,000 5-star reviews!
Highly addictive, FREE trading card game that lets you battle REAL players.


★★★★★ “This is the most awesome game and it doesn’t get old.”
★★★★★ “Most addicting game ever. There’s always something to do or cards to be traded.”

“…Rage of Bahamut is one surprisingly cool CCG. It keeps things interesting by changing up the expected formula quite a bit and features some incredibly clever ideas. I’d say it’s definitely worth a look.” (


★Hundreds of stunning cards to collect with more constantly being added
★Fast & easy battles on the go with stunning and alluring characters
★Daily updates to continue to expand your deck
★Live single and multiplayer action from a seemingly endless database of battle hungry foes
★Quests to claim your place in Rage of Bahamut history

Dark is the day, gone is the wonder…
Find your path, conquer the world…
Alone or allied, make the world bow down…
Smell the victory, taste the triumph…

Be Human – Be Godly – Be Evil – Choose an allegiance to strive for control of your world!

Connect with other virtual warriors on Facebook at

Rage of Bahamut is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network.

Rage of Bahamut APK Download&Install Guide
"An Android application is stored in an APK file, You must install the APK on your
Android Phone in order to run it. There are three ways to download Rage of Bahamut APK on your android device with easy steps.

1. Via Google Play Click the “Install” button on the left nav side, it will turn to Google Play page and then download it to your mobile device, install the app directly.
2. Use QR Code Scanner
If you’ve already installed QR Code Scanner, Click on QR Code image on left nav side and use a QR code scanner to download Rage of Bahamut APK directly in to your Android device.
3. From PC
Connect android device to PC via USB cable and turn ON USB storage. Copy Rage of Bahamut.apk file to attached device's storage. touch the APK file in the file explorer to install it.

How to Sync Rage of Bahamut APK with Google Account
Most android user want to sync android apps with their google account. Of course also includes Rage of Bahamut APK. But how to easily Sync Rage of Bahamut Android Apps with Google Account?
In fact, it is easy to sync Rage of Bahamut APK with google account. You just need to download and install a android sync apps to help you. If you want to know more about the android sync google, this page - Most Android APPS to help you Sync with PC or other device.
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