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45M | 2013-03-08 | Games |

"Mr. Poo Desperate Rushed Toilets, Help Him!"

HellyBelly is a new tour to explore interesting in the life, which mix fusion parkour, action and pass through the three different kinds of elements, enjoy the last battle before the burst. HellyBelly is a fun casual game full of bad taste, there has never been such a game. At the beginning of the game, you play as an ordinary office worker, on other words, a hapless daredevil. You are on your way to work, and a sudden stomach attack ensues! Now Mr. Poo's destiny is entirely up to you. Run for the bathroom!!! You must avoid pedestrians on the road and find toilet paper so that you can enter into the toilet! Once he can’t wait any longer, the result is very serious you know. With the progressing of the game, you can unlock more roles such as Santa, aliens, yoga enthusiasts and so on. And also the control is not difficult. The left virtual joystick controls movement and the right to make accelerate or to bulge stomach to slow his pain. There will be antidiarrheal drugs and drink and other props to help you temporarily stable state, and you can also upgrade you shoes to run faster, but before you should earn enough coins. The game uses the 3D graphics, and the image is very funny. The nervous and delight background music make the game more interesting. When you take a boring trivial time, take a challenge.

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