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US Cop APK Download 3.5

This version has 1,414 pages of content! Resources any street officer could...

This version has 1,414 pages of content!

Resources any street officer could use...

* Accident investigation formulasbrake efficiencynarrative templatesdifferent tire size speed calculatorLiDAR test instructionsWarrant PUR guidelines

* Training articles regarding detecting concealed weapons, pluralistic ignorance, interview & interrogation, detecting deception, rookie drug interdiction mistakes, Drug Recognition Expert training and more. Video tutorials for SFST's and new CPR guidelines.

* Pill identifierDEA drug scheduleDEA chemical listpills of abuse photosNADDI pharmaceutical drugs of abuse pamphletscommonly abused prescription drug pics

* Case Law resources for probable cause (search)probable cause (arrest)reasonable suspicionabandoned propertyadministrative searchcommunity care takingconsent searchcorrections (body cavity searchstrip searchdue process with disciplineprisoner drug testing)disorderly conduct type arrestsexculpatory evidenceexigent circumstancesexpectation of privacygood faith doctrinehot pursuitignorance of lawincident to arrest searchinternational border searchesinternal investigationsK-9 sniffsMirandaopen fields doctrineplain viewprobationer searchespublic authority defenseschool searchesstop & frisksuspect line-Upthermal cameratraffic stops (pre-textual stopspassenger not free to leavelength of stopsorder occupants out of vehiclepassengers to provide identificationmiranda warningsGPS, phone, and beeper pingsvehicle searchesvehicle inventoryroadblock / checkpoints)trash & garbage searchuse of forcevehicle pursuitswarrant execution

* News RSS feeds from American Police Beat,, and

* Legal update RSS feeds from American Police Beat, AELE, Public Agency Training Council, and U.S. Supreme Court.


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