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Quizboard APK Download 1.0.8

A New Trivia Game Called Quizboard

The game is about answering trivia questions correctly while strategically making the right moves on the board. Thanks to its challenging and addicting game play, players will have a hard time putting their Phones down for too long.

The game board is a checkerboard where you start in one location and need to reach another location. The way you gather “moves” is by answering quiz questions. Each round you are asked five questions that range from such categories as science and history to Seinfeld, and each successful answer gives you points and one move. The player with the highest score whenever the star is reached wins the game.

Once the game begins, it’s not simply a matter of answering trivia questions to see who can get the most right. Rather, Quizboard adopts a board game-style interface: You and your opponent move across a game board, advancing one space for each correct answer, until you reach the designated finish line. The online multiplayer option allows gamers to compete with other players through Facebook or against a random opponent.

Quizboard comes with many broad questions to keep the game play interesting. It doesn’t get boring quickly and the multiplayer games are smooth and responsive. Whether you’re a trivia buff or someone who just likes to compete with their friends, Quizboard is worth checking out.


  • License Free
  • Op. System Android 2.2 and up
  • Category Games
  • Author Planeto AB
  • Security level 0% safe
  • Size 5.1M
  • Downloads 1000+
  • Date 02.25.13

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