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  • rwesley 2 days ago

    I found this device impossible to use, the instructions are crap, hence I could not use it.I would not recommend to anyone.

  • WKDaniel 2 days ago

    This is about as free as those time share free vacations. You might as well just buy it if you absolutely want it because everything costs money to use. Junk software. If it just came right out as a paid only app I probably wouldn't have anything negative to say.

  • alishacroft2004 2 days ago

    love the app but when streaming you can't rewind or fast forward i even purchase app by accident and it still doesn't have that feature.

  • sevenbarfoundation 2 days ago

    The app will only play media that resides on your Kindle. Any media on the web (youtube videos, Ted talks, etc.) cannot be cast.

  • wolfbenedict 2 days ago

    excellent product with quick deliver and respond from company. what more can you say.

  • nicemaync 2 days ago

    This App keeps kicking off Chromecast on my nexus 7 while using Showbox. I've done all the Chromecast updates and rebooted my tablet as well.

  • dbrhjohnsn 3 days ago

    great apps plays all music from computer to what you have on tales. real cool

  • adultmerchants01 3 days ago

    This is the bomb. I was able to use this with ease and the results were great. A good buy for what you get.