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Find My Phone Front&Back Photo APK Download 1.0

Wrong Password? Lost your Phone? Get GPS location and picture - using Front...

Wrong Password? Lost your Phone? Get GPS location and picture - using Front and back camera.
Hard to believe, right? Experience it now. Its FREE.

Very simple to use. If wrong password, get GPS Location & Picture/s. Lost your phone, send text to get GPS Location & Picture/s.

STOP & READ - Please read & understand following thoroughly before you download an App.

Important features of the 'Find Your Phone' / 'Locate & Photo Capture' App:

App works only and only on Android 2.3 and onwards. It wont work on Android 2.2 or any lower version. Minimum requirement is Android 2.3
This App uses internet extensively to send Picture, location, forget password info., etc.
This App do send Text / SMS messages with location information, forget password, etc.
Please be aware that Phone Service provider may charge for InterNet usage, email, Text / SMS Messages, etc. based on your service plan.
App requires having GPSOn on the device to get Current Location. If GPS is off, you will not get your device location. Of course, your will get picture/s.
If your phone is having no Camera, this App wont work. App takes picture from front camera as well as from back camera. If Phone is having only back camera, App will take the picture from the back camera and in that case, you wont have correct picture.
App will work only if it has 'Device Administration' rights.
Password is stored only and only in Phone. So, if you are not able to get it by all means, the only option you have is to uninstall an App.
Picture and Location information captured from the phone and App Developer doesnt store or have picture or location information.
App Developer may provide a complementary email support. DO NOT CALL us, please.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please visit

You will find illogical App nameVIPSha3and the reason is to create confusion. When Thief steals your phone and if finds an App name likeWhere's my Phone, Locate my phone, Thief Tracker, phone search etc., may uninstall or stop service immediately. So, this might help to confuse others. Of course, anyone can uninstall Any App, Any Time.

We have spent years building great Apps with amazing features and that tooFREE. Though its a FREE App, we are very serious about Apps performance. If you like this App, dont forget to write an excellent review. In case App is not performing as per description, feel free to ( read vipsha26 at yahoo) before writing a Negative Review. Remember, it's a free App so be reasonable when you are writing your negative review. Sometime, App doesnt work due to improper settings. So, please allow us to help you before your Negative Review, please.

Programming of this App is bit complex and theres no guarantee that this App will support all the devices. So, if app is not working for you, the best thing you can do is uninstall an App & report a bug to us so we can fix it. Please DO NOT CALL.

To uninstall an App:
Step : 1 You need to remove the app as a 'Device Administration'. - Setting --> Location and security --> Select device administrators --> VIPSha3 - Uncheck checkbox --> Deactivate

Step 2: Open Settings --> Applications --> Manage applications --> look forVIPSha3 --> Uninstall

Please DO NOT CALL. We may provide complementary email support.

Warning: This App may not compatible for your Devices. Please test it properly. If you find any issue, please uninstall it immediately.

Legal Notice: It is illegal to install this Apps on a phone which you do not own or do not have legal ownership. Its illegal to use this App for 'phone spy' or for any illegal use. You agree that this App will be used only for lawful, proper and appropriate purpose and will not use Application in any way that is illegal, improper or inappropriate. This Program is distributed free without any Warranty. This App is only for the End Users.

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  • License Free
  • Op. System Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Category Communication
  • Security level 0% safe
  • Size 640k
  • Downloads 1000+
  • Date 01.13.13

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