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Michael WagnerJan 20, 2014

Good compass There needs to be a way to adjust altitude as its off by 100 feet at my location but still a good compass.

Warren BerrymanOct 19, 2013

Excellent compass with good features I like this compass it is fun and easy to use and my fiance can text locations to each other via latitude and...

A Google UserSep 21, 2013

Simples e elegante. Muito bom. Nao tive a oportunidade de testar na pratica a sua funcionalidade real. Mas acredito que dara conta do recado. A...

Tim ArenoSep 13, 2013

HTC Incredible 4 Really enjoy this app. Seems to be accurate when comparing to a real compass,& easier to read.

Official Description:Smart Compass Pro is a Tools app developed by Smart Tools co., It was released on Oct 21, 2013 for Android 2.2 and up. Smart Compass Pro APK 2.5.3a available to download now, there are over 100000 users has already installed Smart Compass Pro APK on their android device.

What’s New in Smart Compass Pro APK 2.5.3a
What's New
- v2.5.3a : latitude bug fix.- v2.5.3 : Digital mode support.- v2.5.2a : Nexus 7 2nd-gen support.- v2.5.2 : Night mode support.- v2.5.1 : Screen capture. Share with.- v2.5.0 : ActionBar added. Portrait mode support.- v2.4.3 : GPS Speedometer option added, Nexus 10 support.- v2.4.2 : Azimuth types added.(Quadrants)- v2.4.1 : Nexus 7 support.- v2.4.0 : Qibla compass.* SMS permission (sending GPS information via SMS)

Download free Smart Compass Pro.apk for Android, and you can also learn the description of Smart Compass Pro from Google Play. Smart Compass Pro is the 3rd set of Smart Tools collection (azimuth, metal detector, GPS).

This compass is a tool to search bearings using the built-in magnetic sensors. It has 4 significant features.

1. Although you may turn the phone into portrait or landscape mode, the heading is fixed.
2. The Camera's view is used for reality.
3. Metal Detector is included to verify the sensors.
4. GPS is supported.

The compass app depends on the performance of your device exactly. If it is inaccurate, please check that you aren't being affected by a magnetic field. Also, there are several options to calibrate your device.

* Pro version added Features:
- True north
- Sending GPS info via SMS and Email
- Various Coordinate Types (UTM)
- Military Coordinate (MGRS, mil)
- Qibla finder, Car locator
- GPS Speedometer
- No ads, No connection

* Do you want more tools?
Get [Smart Tools] package.

For more information, see the manual, Youtube video and the blog. Thank you.

** Especially on SGS4, a view-cover with magnets can make the compass inaccurate. Remove it !!

Smart Compass Pro APK Download&Install Guide
"An Android application is stored in an APK file, You must install the APK on your
Android Phone in order to run it. There are three ways to download Smart Compass Pro APK
2.5.3a on your android device with easy steps.

1. Via Google Play Click the “Install” button on the left nav side, it will turn to Google Play page and then download it to your mobile device, install the app directly.
2. Use QR Code Scanner
If you’ve already installed QR Code Scanner, Click on QR Code image on left nav side and use a QR code scanner to download Smart Compass Pro APK directly in to your Android device.
3. From PC
Connect android device to PC via USB cable and turn ON USB storage. Copy Smart Compass Pro.apk file to attached device's storage. touch the APK file in the file explorer to install it.

How to Sync Smart Compass Pro APK with Google Account
Most android user want to sync android apps with their google account. Of course also includes Smart Compass Pro APK. But how to easily Sync Smart Compass Pro Android Apps with Google Account?
In fact, it is easy to sync Smart Compass Pro APK with google account. You just need to download and install a android sync apps to help you. If you want to know more about the android sync google, this page - Most Android APPS to help you Sync with PC or other device.
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