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How Am I Driving?! APK Download 2.1

"How Am I Driving?!" promotes "safe driving". It automatically finds out how...

"How Am I Driving?!" promotes "safe driving". It automatically finds out how and when you are driving, it sends "automated text message" to callers and message senders, while driving. It detects unsafe driving behaviors, including: phone call, phone viewing or "texting", hard-braking, and hard-acceleration. It also enables users to find location of another user on the phone.
This app is especially useful for "teenagers", "young drivers", and "their parents" to monitor and improve their driving behavior, find each others location, and reduce texting and phone usage while driving.
This app automatically infer (detect) mode of transportation (comprising driving, riding on bus/train, and walking/running), which eliminates the need to manually define start and end of each driving trip. The phone does not need to be positioned in any particular way.
App is very battery and data efficient. It consumes less than 20% battery per day and few mega bytes of data per month on average.
During driving, app notifies the user about hard-braking and hard-acceleration events via audio and visual messages. It also sends "automated text" (SMS) message to phone callers and sender of text messages, letting them know that the person that they are to reach is currently driving. When a call is received while driving, app changes ringtone of phone to silent, in order to reduce driving distraction. However, if call from the same number is received for the third time or more, within a period of 3 minutes, then ringtone is not changed (app considers the call as some kind of emergency call).
To respect user's privacy, app does not transmit any location data that are within one mile (about 1.6 km) of a destination (where user stays in for +30 minutes, for example home, office, etc.).
Our server processes data sent from the app and calculates a "driving safety score" that may vary from 0 to 800, similar to a credit score. We take into account several factors in calculating this score, such as: duration and distance of driving as well as transit (i.e. bus/train) trips, driving during dark hours, hard-braking/acceleration, and phone usage while driving.
Each user is uniquely identified with IMEI number of the phone, thus uses can use the app right away without need for any kind of registration. Users can create an account on LocX's website ( using the IMEI number and a unique username and password and login, in order to see detailed information about their previous "driving trips", "mileage" information for different modes of transportation, and the "safety score".
App also enables its user to "find" location and mode of transportation of another user in real-time. There is a "Find" button on the main view for this. Username and password, associated with other user's account on LocX's website, have to be entered in order to find him/her.
Users can subscribe (inside the website account page) to receive automated email messages containing comprehensive information about their previous driving trips and "safe driving" behavior.


  • License Free
  • Op. System Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Category Transportation
  • Author LocX, Inc.
  • Security level 0% safe
  • Size 2.0M
  • Downloads 10+
  • Date 02.28.14

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